Composer-Arranger-Pianist -Vahid Matejko Trio






      Unmistakably handwriting of the composer talent, impressing musical visiting card,

      with his debut album „ComeTogether „ the 24 years old Composer Vahid Matejko

      has shown his self as an interessting voice inthe german jazz scene.              

                                                   Jazz Podium 

                                   ( most famous and oldest Jazz Magazine in Germany )



              With playfully lightness he mixes oriental sounds and Big Band Arrangements.

              An good example is his this year published Album „Come Together“


                                         (greatest Magazine for key instruments in Germany)  



Vahid Matejko "Ode To Joy" of the 21 Century". His contomplation, idea and result of his realisation

causes respect and great interest by the people.Surley from this musican their are much surprises to expect.

                                                Jazz- Quadrat

                             (most popular and famous Jazz Magazine from all russianspeaking countries)




Vahid Matejko reached to bring the different musicians and with it also the cultures  together.

The music has an bright horizon. Come Together is an iridescent  pearl and hopes for further

Wonderful recordings from Vahid Matejko.



                                                                                (most famous internet Jazz magazine of Germany)  



  That from Vahid Matejko would become something very special was already early to foresee.        

                                                Kölnische Rundschau  

                                                                            (Daily Newspaper of Cologne)





  The CD is an cornucopia of musical Ideas. Unbelivebal diversified in ethnic styles, instrumentation,

  from smallest ensemble   until to Bigband. Vahid Matejko has an infallible sence for contoured themes.

  Jazz ,modern classic and folk get mixed to an homogen whole, that realy earns the title worldmusic.

                                                Siegener Zeitung

                                                            ( Newspaper of the State Nordhrein-Westfalen)






                                                   No Question: Vahid Matejko has music in his blood


                                                                (greatest  Newspaper of the state Rhineland- Palatinate)




                                            A Milestone in the Worldmusic

                                          Freies Radio Stuttgart


                                                                        New scales in World Jazz

                                          Westerwald Rundschau      

                                                                                           ( Newspaper of the Region Westerwald)